a woman will slit your throat
while you sleep
if you utter so much as a peep
that not all is well
and life with a partner can be hell.

females fighting
it's not a fuck they are after
or is it?
strange hierarchies
feed my children
what is this about?

a parent with sense
scarcer than a grain of gold in sand
she steps down from the mountain
arrayed with the cool air of reason
goats flock at her heels
whiter than the snowy peaks above

women are grief
like tears of rain
or the whisper of a hurricane
high seas will seem calm
thats what women are to me

ten hungry females
munching on a male
arms legs and penis
whats left wouldn't fill a pail.

i'm just a simple soul
no degrees and education
just try something and see if it works
thats my specialisation!

with thy lovely irridescent wings
swoop down
pluck me from the toil and pain
of this mortal life
and take me to eternity

empty bed
empty head
empty house
all three
thats me